Research to Public

Read reflective blog posts by Research-to-Public participants


The Research to Public Strand is open to Heritage PGRs and Early-Career Researchers across the UK. Skills training events and activities take place between December 2012 and July 2013.

A training programme that aims to develop PGRs’ and ECRs’ skills in understanding the public impact of their research and how they can turn their research into a public output.

Workshop One: ‘Understanding the public impact of your research’ (24 January 2013)

PGRs/ECRs will explore ways of defining the wider impact of their research and gain a good understanding of how it can be communicated to non-experts through cultural organisations.  This will provide the basis for a follow-up workshop, where researchers/ECRs will collaborate with cultural organisations on joint projects (see below).

Workshop Two: ‘Turning your research into a public output’ (28 February 2013)
In this hands-on workshop, PGRs/ECRs and heritage professionals will jointly explore possibilities of co-producing learning programmes, events, performances or digital applications.  Those outputs will be based on the PhD student’s/ECR’s research and will be hosted by a cultural institution. The workshops will include a competition element, whereby 6 to 10 proposals will be (partially or fully) funded by the ‘Afterlife of Heritage Research’ training programme.

Travel (and where necessary accommodation) expenses will be reimbursed.

Development of a public engagement activity/event/performance/digital application
(exact timeline to be agreed by the training participant and cultural institution)

6-10 proposals will be (partially/fully) funded towards development and materialisation (ca£400 per project). Successful applicants will be mentored throughout the process. The training partners will aim to ‘team up’ researchers with cultural organisations, but if you have already an idea of a partner cultural institution for your public engagement project idea, please provide relevant details in your Expression of Interest, including whether you’ve approached the organisation already.

Final Event for all Research Training Strands Participants: July 2013

Reflective Blogs
Participating students/ECRs will keep reflective blogs on the process, challenges and outcomes of their training project. This documentation will benefit other students/ECRs as it will provide an account of personal journeys that others could learn from.

How to Apply
If you are interested in participating in one ore more skills training strands, please fill in the Expression of Interest and email it to by Friday 30th November 2012.

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