Research to Profession

Read reflective blog posts by Research-to-Profession participants


The Research to Profession Strand is open only to Heritage PGRs and Early-Career Researchers based at Universities in the North West of England). Placements should take place between December 2012 and July 2013.

Gain professional experience in the arts, cultural and heritage sector by participating in a placement scheme.

The project partners will draw on their extensive experience and network of placement organisations to arrange 15 placements for research students/ECRs in the North West. Placements (ca 20 days work in a block or over time [January 2013 – July 2013]) will enable researchers to understand the priorities and practices of organisations and might include e.g. shadowing professionals, participating in institutional projects/activities and/or ‘Researcher in Residence’ involvement. A fixed fee towards travel (or other) expenses will be paid to placement students. Researchers will be supervised by a dedicated person in the placement institution. The two partner Universities have established procedures of managing such collaborations with placement institutions.

Reflective Blogs
Participating students/ECRs will keep reflective blogs on the process, challenges and outcomes of their training project. This documentation will benefit other students/ECRs as it will provide an account of personal journeys that others could learn from.

Work Placement Meeting: February 2013
Final Event for all Research Training Strands Participants: July 2013

How to Apply
If you are interested in participating in one ore more skills training strands, please fill in the Expression of Interest and email it to by Friday 30th November 2012.

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